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Monday, 29 May 2023.

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Middle-Eastern VLE sites

I've tried to give a little bit of history from my perspective so that people can see the development of VLEs in the region over time. Some School sites give more information to visitors than others. It would be useful to give an accurate timeline for all sites, but that may not be possible.


  • AIS Online - I'd consider AIS as the first international school in Kuwait to have had a pilot VLE of any form back in 2001 at Nibble University. The AIS school site currently links to an extensive Moodle site on Ninehub, covering all High School and some Middle School courses.
  • Bayan Bilingual School at one time (2007-8?) had a Moodle site hosted by Euromoodle. At present their StudyGuide sub-site is integrated into the main school website.
  • For completeness, I should mention the BSK 'blogs' from March 2003 as a forerunner to their later ventures into e-learning. From my records, British School of Kuwait were the fourth international school in Kuwait to develop a Moodle site. The current version caters for students Year 9 and above for most subjects.
  • Although e-learning projects at Kuwait English School date back to 1998, the Kestrels website set up in February 2003 was their first interactive VLE - comprising forums, chat, email services, news and a database-driven file repository that staff continually added to. Although pilot tests of Moodle for specific projects started in 2004, the school-wide VLE was implemented in 2007. Kuwait English School's VLE migrated to its present location in February 2010. All KES senior high school students are assigned a username and password for the school VLE. Courses exist for all high school subjects and for each year in KS2.
  • The English Academy's VLE is a Moodle site. It is maintained by the author of a really useful IGCSE ICT revision resources website.
  • A UAS Moodle for English classes is hosted on Ninehub.


  • The American British Academy maintain a Moodle site hosted by My Learning Space; an Australian e-learning services provider.
  • The Sultan's School maintains an extensive Moodle site catering for all students in all Years. Well worth a look



Moodle Resources

Moodle homepage: forums, downloads and background information for Moodle.

Other E-Learning Resources

At some point, I should add resources based on Ning - and also information about teachers who use Twitter as a Personal Learning Network.